4 Advantages That Got Tankinis Popular in Recent Times

Swimsuit is something women love to experiment with, but when the tankini came to the market, it changed the scenario and captured the attention of every woman. How did this happen? Well, tankinis came to the market with a bang and captured the (market share) within a few years; they gained a place in many women’s closets because of their versatility and comfort.

If you are unaware of the emergence of tankinis, don’t worry, you must have seen them at beaches and swimming pools because now almost everyone wears them.

The tankinis consist of a tank top-like thin top and a bikini bottom. So, you can guess where the name comes from. Tankini is a portmanteau of a tank top and bikini bottom, and this name suits it well.

Now, if you are eager to learn the reason behind the popularity and or the advantages of tankinis, you can find them below.

What are the advantages of tankinis?

The tankinis are perfect swimwear for many women, and they love to have this choice. Why? Because there are quite a few advantages of wearing this swimsuit which you will understand after reading the list given below:

It gives good support to the chest.

Bikini tops are sometimes uncomfortable or small for full-busted women, who have no choice but to wear a t-shirt over their bikini top. A t-shirt may cover their bust area but make them feel uneasy while playing volleyball and swimming.

Wearing a tank top or similar tops absorbs the water and makes it heavier.

Here, the women prefer to wear a tankini, which supports their bosom and has zero resistance to body movement. Even women with medium-sized busts prefer the tankinis as it gives them extra support during serious volleyball games.

You could mix and match as per your wish.

Tankinis are very versatile compared to one-piece and bikinis. Mixing and matching are not an option when you wear a one-piece, and bikinis don’t look that good when the top and bottom don’t match. Even if they match, it isn’t easy to get those colours, and you will spend so much time selecting one.

The tankinis are famous for making you look good in whatever combination. Like the tank tops and shorts can be mixed and matched, the tankini top and bottom can be mixed. The top is similar to the tank top; a different bottom does look great irrespective of the colour. It is because of the more oversized top and smaller bottom; in short, the larger cloth piece dominates the overall look, and the small one complements it.

Keeps you safe from the sun

As tankinis cover more skin, you shouldn’t fear sunburn and skin rashes. Plus, you will have less skin to apply sunscreen. This swimwear is usually made of good-quality material that can lessen the effect of the sun on your body. Amid extreme climate change and heat waves worldwide, wearing more seems to be the safest option.

Easier to clean

These are super easy to clean, and you can get them soaked and dried within minutes. Usually, t-shirts and other tops degrade after being exposed to perspiration, sun and salt water, but the tankinis are never affected by these.

These are the advantages of wearing this swimwear. Soon, more and more women will start wearing this swimsuit, and its market share will increase again.

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