5 Questions To Clear Your Doubts About Travel Insurance

Many people skip travel insurance, despite its comprehensive coverage, as they prefer not to think about potential vacation disruptions. Being realistic always helps, though, which is why travel insurance plans are advised. There are several benefits of travel insurance.

You might need help choosing the ideal international travel insurance online policy for you because so many are available online. It is advised to first ask you five questions before finalising a plan to prevent this scenario from occurring:

Does The Policy Cover The Place You’re Going On Vacation?

Before purchasing Bajaj Allianz travel insurance for a single trip, the first and most important thing to determine is whether the policy covers the destination. Do not purchase such a policy if the goal you are visiting is a dangerous area for travellers or falls within the scope of your insurance plan’s exclusions. Alternatively, add a similar add-on to your basic travel insurance.

  • Are The Adventure Activities Included In Your Plan?

Check to see if your insurance policy will cover adventure activities if you plan a trip that includes them. Most travel insurance policies do not cover certain activities considered “high-risk” sports because they carry a higher risk of injury. Take a travel insurance plan that addresses the risks associated with your intended actions, such as scuba diving, skiing, etc.

  • What Is Your Policy’s Maximum Payable Amount, Specifically?

It is advised to review the maximum payables of the policy before committing to any travel insurance plan. Knowing the insurance policy cap will put your mind at ease when filing a claim or as the costs mount during an emergency while travelling.

  • What Are Your Policy’s Exclusions?

Every insurance policy has exclusions, and with Bajaj Allianz travel insurance plans, these exclusions can lead to non-coverage. For instance, most insurance policies do not provide coverage for losses incurred while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. As a result, your insurance company may deny coverage for the necessary treatment if you broke your ankle or toe while intoxicated. Moreover, an insurance policy might only cover a small number of treatments or procedures.

  • What Kind Of Existing Medical Conditions Do You Have? If So, Is It Covered By Your Insurance Policy?

A medical condition that existed in your body before you obtained insurance is referred to as a pre-existing condition, according to the “Internal Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers.” Your policy may be void if you fail to disclose a pre-existing condition. Finding a travel insurance plan that covers serious health issues you have or have had in the past can be challenging. The majority of travel insurance plans do not cover pre-existing medical conditions, and those that do offer very little protection. What, then, can you do in this circumstance? In these cases, you can amend your travel insurance policy to include a rider that covers your pre-existing condition. ^

Having doubts about travel insurance is entirely normal, given the complexity and variety of policies available. Asking the right questions, such as those discussed here, is a proactive way to gain clarity and confidence in your travel insurance choices. It’s crucial to thoroughly understand the terms, coverage limits, and exclusions of your policy before embarking on any journey.

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^ Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the travel insurance policy.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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