5 Tips for Choosing an Ideal Leotard

There are several forms of dancing worldwide, all of which require different costumes. The costumes help the audience understand the form of dancing most of the time; hence the importance of the dress you wear during the performance cannot be underestimated. Leotard is one of the most popular costumes in western and European dance forms. This costume is also known as maillots, one-piece costumes, or one-piece maillots.

Leotards are not just used for dancing, they are needed for exercise and underclothes, and some wear them as pyjamas. However, ballet is the dance form where you see this one-piece costume the most, and you cannot perform the ballet without the leotards and tutus.

This post will help you understand the tips and tricks to find the best leotard and how it will help you perform better in whatever dance/sports you are doing. So sit back and read the following tips for choosing the perfect one-piece costume.


Yes, colours do matter. This one-piece costume is usually worn with other clothes such as tutus. Some use skin colour leotards to cover their body while wearing an almost transparent costume.

When it comes to colours, children will look great in light colours like light blue, pink, and yellow. And for adults, darker colours are better.


You might be thinking, why does a regular one-piece costume have a design? Or is it necessary to have some design? Yes, you can find several designs and styles in this costume. The maillots are manufactured and sold in various designs that look attractive. And some maillots are specially designed for ballet dancers. The design and colour combination makes it look much more appealing too.

Some of the designs from which you can choose are:

  • Camisole
  • Tank
  • With ruffles or skirt

These are some of the popular designs you can see in several dance forms, especially in the ballet dance form.

Fabric Material

Selecting a suitable material is very important, and leotards are usually made of strong and durable fabric materials. There are some common fabric materials used in the manufacturing of this costume, such as:

  • Lycra and nylon
  • Metallic
  • Cotton and Lycra
  • Printed fabrics


Now comfort is necessary not just for the dancers but in general. If you wear an uncomfortable costume, you will not be able to concentrate on anything else and will be distracted all day. This will be a severe issue when you have to perform on stage wearing this one-piece maillot.

When shopping for leotards, you should always try them out in the changing room and stretch your body to see whether they are comfortable and is made of excellent quality material. A stretchable maillot is always the right choice.

The size

Many have this misconception that the size of the leotard doesn’t matter. And this belief is wrong for many reasons. Because the leotards are sleeveless and have less leg covering, people think one size will fit everyone. The truth is far from it; the maillots are manufactured in different sizes to fit you properly. Nowadays, there are costumes custom-made for the customer, and you can order one online too. They use VR tech to measure your size and costume make the costume.

There is also a misconception that the tighter the costume is, the better it fits. With this misconception, people/grownups sometimes buy a teenager’s maillot for themselves. The result is a tight-fitting costume that blocks blood circulation and looks funny.

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