Factors You Should Remember When Comparing Bike Insurance

While third-party bike insurance is required, you prefer a more comprehensive policy to safeguard your finances in trying times. Make sure to compare bike insurance plans whether you’re looking to switch policies during renewal or are purchasing a brand-new two-wheeler. There are many reasons to compare bike insurance before you sign up, from getting you the most affordable deal to guaranteeing maximum coverage benefits.

Here Are 6 Essential Elements To Consider When Comparing Bike Insurance Like A Pro
Inclusions and Exclusions
Compare bike insurance by weighing the coverage you can purchase against the Bajaj Allianz first-party bike insurance premium you must pay. Check to see if the inclusions provide extra benefits, such as towing, roadside assistance, or even the ability to submit claims without using cash.

Next, look at the exclusions to see what is not covered. This is crucial to know when you want to claim bike insurance.

Network Of Service Centres
Remember that you can only benefit from a cashless settlement process if you have repairs made at a network garage. This is a servicing facility that is connected to the insurer. Check the number of such garages across the locations various providers provide to compare bike insurance.

Claim Settlement Process
Although you can submit claims online, each insurer has a different procedure. Some limit the number of documents you must submit and request videos and photos. Some may need a lot of paperwork, which would delay claims processing.

No Claim Bonus And Other Concessions
You become eligible for a No Claim Bonus each year you go without filing a claim. You receive a concession on your subsequent term’s premium as a result. Compare bike insurance, considering that each insurer provides a different benefit.

Similarly, buying Bajaj Allianz comprehensive bike insurance online might qualify you for some concessions. Check for concessions on these and the premium for adding anti-theft features or other features. *

Riders and Add-Ons, along with their price
When you add riders to your policy and tailor it to your needs, increasing your coverage is simple. Although they have a price, their advantages can help you save more money. You can compare bike insurance by examining the available add-ons and their costs. ##
Check out which ones will be most helpful to you, such as:
• Zero depreciation cover *
• Personal accident cover for pillion riders *
• No Claim Bonus retention rider *
• Daily allowance benefit
• Consumables cover *

Insurer’s Claim Settlement Ratio And Customer Reviews
Examining a company’s claim settlement ratio and customer reviews are two ideal ways to predict how easy your experience will be with that insurer. Keep these in mind as you compare bike insurance. *

You can determine how likely an insurer is to honour claims by comparing the proportion of settled claims to the total number of shares. Similarly, you can evaluate the insurer’s customer service more thoroughly by reading online reviews or complaints.

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* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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