Harika’s Involvement in Chess Outreach ProgramsHarika’s Involvement in Chess Outreach Programs

Harika Dronavalli is an accomplished Indian chess Grandmaster who has been actively involved in chess outreach programs aimed at encouraging chess participation among people from all walks of life. Harika is a firm believer that chess is not just a game, but a way of life and an important tool for learning and self-development suasletras. Harika has been a part of many chess outreach programs, both domestically and internationally. In India, Harika has been involved in various initiatives such as the ‘Chess for Education’ program by the ChessBase India, which is an initiative that encourages chess education in schools and colleges with the help of chess coaches. Harika has also been part of the ‘Chess in Schools’ program, which is a collaborative effort between the ChessBase India and the All India Chess Federation (AICF). This project is aimed at promoting chess in schools and provides basic training to students in the sport egkhindi. Harika has also been a part of international chess outreach programs such as ‘Chess for Peace’, a program sponsored by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the United Nations. This initiative seeks to promote peace and understanding through chess. Through this program, Harika has been visiting schools in different countries to teach the game of chess and its values. Harika has also been involved in various other initiatives such as the ‘Chess in Prisons’ program, which is an effort to promote chess among inmates in correctional facilities. This is a joint initiative between the AICF and FIDE and aims to provide inmates with an opportunity to learn the game of chess and its values. Harika’s commitment to chess outreach programs has earned her recognition from various organizations and individuals. In 2020, she was awarded the ‘Chess for Peace’ Ambassador Award by the FIDE for her involvement in the program cgnewz.

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