How to Create an App Logo

The logo is a fundamental element of any brand and directly affects its success. It creates a positive impression and association with quality work. It is the first impression that users have of your product, attracting attention and serving as the highlight of your corporate identity. A memorable logo can differentiate your brand from competitors, promote brand loyalty, and be appropriate for your target audience.

What is a Logo?

In simple terms, a logo is an identifiable graphic image that represents the uniqueness of a company, organization, or commercial product. It is one of the best ways to highlight your brand and attract the attention of your audience. The essence of your logo is to become the “face” of your brand. It should convey a certain idea and visual message to users, reflecting the nature of your program.

It is essential to note that company logos and app logos are different. Although they share similarities, the tools, process, and design differ, leading to different results.

How to Create an App Logo

The app logo may seem like a minor detail, but it captures users’ interest from the first seconds. Therefore, it is crucial to make the app icon original, attractive, and unforgettable. After all, users interact with it regularly, seeing it every time they open your program. A recognizable, beautiful, and unique image can increase your chances of success, while a boring or banal logo decreases your brand’s competitiveness.

Tips for Creating an App Logo

  • Order from a Freelance Designer: This option may be convenient but costly. The price of the work depends on the designer’s skills, elaboration of details, time spent, and customer’s requests. Beginners can charge an average of $200, while professional designers demand up to $800. Before hiring, study the portfolio and reviews about the quality of their work.
  • Create a Logo on an Online Platform: You do not need specialized skills to create a logo on such sites. Platforms like have all the necessary tools and templates for creating a logo. The process is automated, and you can develop your logo based on the brand’s name using ready-made tools. You can make edits to the design even after downloading the file.
  • Make a Logo Yourself: This option is suitable for those familiar with Photoshop. Although you can create a logo tutorial, it may be time-consuming.

By following these tips, you can create a memorable and attractive app logo that can increase your brand’s competitiveness, making it stand out from the competitors.

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