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How to Hang Rugs As Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to hang a rug as wall art is with a rod. It should be attached to the wall using screws or a circular rod. The rod should be at least two inches longer than the rug’s width. Once secured, attach the rug to the wall using screws or a drill. The rod should be secured to the wall at least three times. The next step is to hang the rug. To attach a heavier rug, sew the front edge of the rug.

Some rugs are suitable for hanging as wall art, such as silk rugs and pictorial kilims. You should hang an Oriental rug where it will catch the light and enhance the design. To hang a rug, you need to use a slender wood that can support the total weight of the rug. tunai4d Place the fringes of the rug between the wood and tighten it. Make sure that you choose a rug that is not too dense, as this will damage it.

When hanging a rug as wall art, make sure to choose one with complementary colors. If the artwork and rug are similar in primary colors, then the two pieces can complement each other. For example, an ocean painting would look stunning with a rug of the same color. Alternatively, a calming sand-colored rug would make a great complement. If you have both pieces of art, it’s time to match them.

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