Importance of Skincare before makeup

In this world full of pollution and pressure, skin care is essential to maintain the glow and hydrate the skin. Human skin is susceptible as it is exposed to many external factors like UV rays, pollution, dust, water, etc. As a result, it is important to moisturise the skin to regenerate it and remove dead skin cells. Continue reading the article to know the best cosmeceutical skincare routine.

The six-step skincare routine for cosmeceutical effects:

  1. Cleansing- It is the first and most crucial step in the skincare routine. Cleansing simply means washing your face. It helps remove dullness by cleaning the face. Cleansing can be done using a mild foaming or non-foaming face wash. This process takes about two to three minutes.
  2. Toner- Once the face is wiped clean using a towel, it is advised to use a toner. A toner helps open the pores so that all the following products applied after this step get absorbed into the skin. It also helps brighten the face. A toner looks similar to water. Non-alcoholic toners have fewer chemicals with a more significant impact.
  3. Serum- The texture of a serum is thicker than that of toner. It helps moisturise, lighten, and mattify the skin. Serums that are applied after toner get absorbed quickly and are effective. It is recommended that you use the serum once a day.
  4. Under-eye cream- If you are among those suffering from stubborn dark circles and fine lines under the eyes, it is recommended to use an under-eye cream. Under the eye, creams help hydrate the eyes, which is essential for lightening them.
  5. Face creams- They help in hydration and skin brightening. Few people use only face creams after cleaning, which is completely alright. But if your skin is damaged and dry or too oily, it is strongly advised you follow the above steps.
  6. Sunscreen- It is the most important part of the skin care process. It helps to shield the skin against the sun’s UV rays. Most people believe that sunscreen should be applied only when there is sun exposure. The truth is that applying sunscreen protects your face from the gadget rays you are exposed to, even if you are studying from home. Yes, prolonged exposure to gadgets can cause tan.

Once the above steps are followed, you can begin your makeup as the base is ready!

Best cosmeceutical skin care products should be used for the above steps as they create intense moisturise and a hydrated base for makeup. If the skin is not hydrated, the face becomes cakey after some time.

Skincare tips for different skin types:

Dry skin: If your skin is dehydrated, especially during winter, you should use serums and hyaluronic acid creams. It is responsible for creating a moisturised balance in the skin and can keep skin hydrated for up to 72 hours. Another acid that can be used is Glycolic acid. It is responsible for removing dryness by increasing the amount of collagen production.

Oily skin: Hyaluronic acid is one of the best acids for treating oily skin. It helps create a mattifying effect by reducing the amount of oil production. It can also be used for treating acne and dullness.

Combination skin: It is the most common skin type found. Depending on the weather and other factors, one may experience excessive dryness or oiliness. Hence, if you are among the group, look for toners and creams that blend AHAs and BHAs. They are widely available in the market.

Acne-prone skin: Salicylic acid is used to treat acne-prone skin. It helps in reducing existing acne and also prevents the growth of new ones. It also removes the blemishes and spots left.


Be careful of the percentage of acid you are using. If you are a beginner, use mild and gentle products. Toners and serums containing less than 5% acids are safe on sensitive skin. Always do a patch test before using any product.

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