Investing Advice for the Web: How to Make Money in Today’s Fast-Paced Markets

Recent “hot” IPOs and high-tech companies are susceptible to wild price swings. In these dynamic marketplaces, where many traders want to transact at once and prices fluctuate rapidly, bottlenecks may form anywhere. It takes longer for transactions to be carried out and confirmed, and the prices are reported to lag behind the market. In April of 2021, the average daily turnover of all OTC foreign currency instruments in the Australian market was US$139.4 billion. Investors can sustain substantial losses in a short period in these markets. Investors who trade online using platforms like mt4 in Australia should know how to safeguard themselves in volatile markets.

While Trading Stocks Online Is Simple And Fast, Investing Requires More Time

More than one hundred online brokers help you purchase and sell stocks for as little as $5. While internet trading helps save time and money, it does not eliminate the need for due diligence when deciding how to invest. Although trades may be executed in a fraction of a second, choosing the most advantageous investments takes time. Learn the fundamentals of trading before you start making moves, including the rationale for your trades and the potential consequences of your investments.

Limit Orders Vs. Market Orders For Equities With High Volatility

You should use a limit order instead of a market order if you wish to purchase or sell shares at a specific price. One kind of order placed on a stock exchange is a limit order, which specifies a maximum price at which the trader will purchase or sell the share. A market order is one in which the seller has no say over the selling price, and the buyer has no choice.

You may put a limit order to acquire shares of a “hot” IPO at any price up to $20, for instance, if you want to invest in the company but don’t want to spend more than $9 per share. If you want to avoid losing money if the stock lowers after you purchase it at $90, you should use a limit order instead of a market order. Remember that the market price might easily exceed your limit before your order can be filled, rendering your limit order useless. If you use a limit order, you won’t have to worry about paying too much for the stock.

Maintenance Margin Requirement

It’s time to review the tiny language of your margin agreement. Your broker is legally permitted to sell your stocks without your permission if your account falls below the firm’s maintenance margin requirement. Brokers are not obligated to contact their clients about margin requirements. The broker does not have to wait for you to satisfy a margin call, even if you have been given time to deposit extra funds or securities into your account. As the value of the securities in your margin account falls, the broker has the full right to sell all of them at a significant loss if the market is falling fast.


The Securities and Exchange Commission does not enforce time limits on when a deal must be completed with mt4 in Australia. However, businesses cannot mislead investors about the likelihood of severe delays if they tout their execution speed. Double-check that your initial order was not processed when cancelling a trade online. Just because you haven’t received the transaction yet doesn’t imply it hasn’t been cancelled if you have already requested its cancellation and received an electronic confirmation. Cancelling an order is only possible before its execution. See your company to find out how to verify whether a cancellation order was successful.

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