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You may have heard that YouTuber and MovieStars producer Joris Voore has a child with his wife, and the couple is divorcing. Voore is now in the process of getting his son Miki-chan, who’s two years old, back into her parents’ home. She had been living at her parents’ home when she was born and was never formally placed there. With no other place to go, Miki-chan will have to live with her grandparents for the foreseeable future. You may wonder where Miki-chan can learn about culture and traditions from her new family? The answer is: heaps! YouTuber Joris Voore has a whole network of fans that know how to help kids learn about culture and history (C&H) videos. Here are some resources for your mommy or daddy on how to help your kid learn about culture and history:

Joris Voore’s YouTube Channel

Voir is a French word meaning to watch, and it’s one of Joris Voore’s many passions. YouTuber Joris Voore has 2 million subscribers and 2.6 million videos overall. He’s mainly known for his parenting videos, but he also produces and hosts live shows – television special, webinars, and podcasts. The podcasts are intended for parents, but the videos are really useful for kids. It’s their language, culture, and history – and he has plenty of videos to go around!

Joris Voore’s Twitter

Voir also has a version for kids, as well as an adult version. There’s always a question mark after the word “tweet” in the name of the channel, which is a nice touch.

Joris Voore’s Instagram

A whole world of fun and learning lies in wait for parents and kids alike on Instagram. There are plenty of fun and engaging videos, like Joris’s new series on eating and drinking, but the most popular are his food and travel videos. The vlog is really popular in the U.K., and it’s also being watched there by over 2 million people now.

Joris Voore’s Website

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “What’s the point of all this?” Well, it’s actually a really interesting question! Joris also runs a wotpost website, which you can access for free, with tons of great Joris Voore related content.

Joris Voore Resources

If you’re interested in how things were in the early 20th Century, or you just love to learn about history and culture, you’ll love learning about Joris Voore’s C&H videos. You can watch the series on YouTube, or read the books – both are great resources.

Kids Activities To Do in Your Home: C-Soil, Culture and History

Build a strong bond with your child by helping her explore and enjoy the world around her. We’re only at this moment in history, but we have a really good chance of learning about the world from the cultures we live in. Let’s build a strong relationship with your child by helping her understand who we are as people by sharing our views on the world and culture.

C-Soil, Culture and History

C-soil is basically earth’s oldest, most significant, and grossest culture. It’s from the Point 24°S, where the Arctic Circle is, and it’s all about snow and ice. You’ll find C-soil all around, and you can find your local C-soil museum to learn more about it.

Culture and History

Culture and history are very different, but they’re related. Both are incredibly important, and they’re often discussed together. One of the best ways to talk about culture and history is by making videos about it. You can use the following as strategies to help your child get started:

Learning and Improving With Technology

Learning new things is what learning is all about. It’s not about being a “pup” or “kat,” it’s about being a child, and the Internet is just one tool that kids use to get their message across. Technologies like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are great for sharing information and helping kids take Urdughr action.

When Social Interactions Are Key

When you’re a parent, it’s especially important to make time for your kids. You need to spend time with them, talk to them, and play with them – even if you’re at work or at a gig. When your child goes to bed, you need to spend some time with your child so that you can rest and decompress.

What to Do in Your Home: C-Soil, Culture and History

Let’s get started with the C-soil, culture and history challenge. We’ve got a lot of fun resources here, so we can take it from there.

When Social Interactions are Key

When you’re a parent, it’s especially important to make time for your

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