Social Media and Depression – What Are the Benefits and Downsides of Social Media?

There are numerous benefits of social media, but what are the biggest downsides? Despite these benefits, social media can also become a source of depression. Although these sites can make us feel lonely, they are not a replacement for personal contact and communication. While “friends” on Facebook may not be real friends, they can be a source of social anxiety or depression. Increased use of social media can also lead to inappropriate content and cyberbullying.

Creating a social clout – Social media has increased the number of connections between brands and consumers. The power of networking sites has allowed politicians and brand leaders to reach consumers in a way never before possible. Social media makes it possible to connect with high profile businesses, and people are happy to engage with these high-profile figures. If you’re a business owner, utilizing social media can boost your visibility and make you a more valuable brand.

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Socialization – While social media can be a great tool for connecting with others, there’s no substitute for real life human interaction. In-person contact triggers hormones that make us feel happy and relieve stress. In the end, social media is meant to bring people closer together, but too much use can lead to depression and mental health issues. So, how can we reduce our social media usage?

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