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The Future of Technology in Education Essay

Technology is already permeating the educational system. Students, for example, are able to use a variety of online resources, such as drobox, to share content with a large group of people. This is an important step toward creating a knowledge-driven society. Technology is also changing the nature of employment, as more people have access to the internet. Moreover, students can use their work as reference materials or research material.

Teachers can make use of educational technology to expand beyond the traditional linear learning model and engage students who learn differently. Online lessons allow teachers and students to collaborate to solve problems. Similarly, collaborative activities allow students to support each other through messaging. Teachers can also interact one-on-one with students, allowing them to ask questions and seek extra help on subject matter that they have trouble understanding. In addition, teachers can check on completed assignments and see which ones need further work.

Many teachers are using digital technology to improve their students’ education. Some use massive open online courses or tablet-based instruction. Other use educational technology includes utilizing electronic medical records, social media, and medical sensors. These new tools can improve the quality of written work. Further, educational technology helps teachers provide better instructions to students, and it can even enhance their learning experience. This is the future of education, and students need to learn it well to stay competitive.

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