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Top 3 Types Of Granny Flats

With the surging number of individuals and families moving into smaller self-contained dwellings, the demand for holistic yet guarded residential structures is expanding. Here is when a granny flat builder comes into the picture. Granny flats, sometimes known as secondary homes, have been trendy in recent years, while they are now just as likely to accommodate folks and family.

The initial idea behind granny flats was to provide elderly family members independence while preserving the family connection and ensuring you could watch over those who required such help. There are several benefits to constructing a granny apartment. In addition to the primary goal of maintaining close relatives, as was already discussed, it also enables you to expand your property’s housing stock without really subdividing. This might be a way to generate rental revenue. Everyone who doesn’t need a larger home, from students to young professionals, elderly couples, and everyone in between, chooses to rent granny flats. Here are three types you can choose from for your space:

Attached Granny Flat: An attached granny flat is connected to the home’s primary structure and is built to blend in. One may maximise your privacy or foster greater social engagement by changing the granny flat’s orientation. There are several significant differences in addition to the apparent one: an attached granny flat is joined to your current home by at least one wall. First and foremost, a fire-rated wall will be needed to separate the existing house from the granny apartment. The second crucial architectural element is the inability of an interior entrance door between the home and granny apartment. The granny apartment can have its independent entrance this way.

Two-Storey Granny Flat: Due to the prospect of having one of these dwellings in one’s backyard, two-story granny flats are gaining much more popularity. However, two-storey granny flats can be any size or design, and they are still only allowed to have an interior living area of 60 sq. ft. A double garage on the first floor of a two-storey granny apartment; you can quickly put a privacy wall between the two vehicle spots and create separate entryways if you need a parking space for the main house.

Detached Granny Flat: The detached granny flat is one of the most prevalent and well-liked varieties of granny flats available. This freestanding home is on the same property as the primary residence, in the backyard. Such granny flats are perfect for accommodating an elderly relative or for use as an investment unit. However, you may leave the yard open if you want easy access between the main house and the granny flat. For a more neighbourly atmosphere, some individuals even decide to construct a road running from the apartment to the house.

Summing Up

You can now be prepared to remodel your house with the help of a granny flat builder. These ideas and advice on establishing your granny flat can come in handy. Very soon, simply having one of these stunning hideaways on your property will be enough to raise its value. However, instead of remodelling your house, you might want to think about adding a granny apartment. This is because Granny flats are more affordable and provide far more freedom in using the space.

So when are you adding them as a part of your space?

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