Why do people prefer shisha over cigarettes?

Shisha, a water pipe or hookah, is a smoking device in which smoke is cooled and filtered by the water. It has been a part of the tradition for many years and has been most popular in the Middle East and Southern Asia. However, shisha traditionally originated in Syria, Egypt, and Turkey; today, it has become quite popular worldwide. According to the statistics, one in every 25 people smokes shisha in Australia. It is estimated that over 10% of the population of Australia consumes shisha daily; this gives Australia the third-highest percentage of shisha smokers in the world.

Shisha is a tall pipe with a glass bottom where some cool water is filled. At the top-most part of the pipe, tobacco is placed and covered by a thin sheet of foil over which tobacco is placed; then, heated coal is used on the top of the foil. Shisha operates by filtering the water and heating the tobacco indirectly. Some people even use shisha to smoke marijuana, herbal fruits or to enjoy fruit flavours like apple, strawberry, peach, mint, coconut, mango, pistachio and many more. Many people believe that shisha is less harmful as it offers a plethora of benefits, some of which are listed below:

Shisha is flavourful

Unlike traditional cigarettes, shisha offers more pleasant and scented flavours. You can get almost any flavour and put it in the hookah. Many flavours are available in the Australian market today, like mint, ambrosia, paan and more. You can even combine two or three flavours and make your own unique flavour. Even those who are not smokers or genuinely dislike smoking cigarettes also enjoy the satisfying experience of hookah. This is because the unique flavours of hookah disguise the unpleasant taste of tobacco, and it also does not have any aftertaste that often makes people feel nauseated.

Helps quit smoking

If you want to quit smoking or limit your consumption of nicotine products, switch to shisha. Yes, you read it right! Smoking is an addiction with which a large population of Australia is affected, and shisha or hookahs have shown remarkable results in helping smokers quit. Though shisha also contains tobacco, it is free from nicotine which is more hazardous to health. Moreover, the water medium and filters used make it a safer option than cigarettes and offer a competitive advantage over other nicotine substitutes.

Shisha is good for your teeth.

The first effect of smoking cigarettes can be seen on your teeth which start to decay, discolour, and chip; however, when switching to shisha, you don’t need to worry about the health and appearance of your teeth. When using shisha, you inhale smoke using a pipe designed precisely to take the smoke directly inside. The smoke enters your mouth deep and barely touches the teeth; hence, your teeth won’t deteriorate.

Helps reduce stress

Do you know why most people in Australia smoke? While it is a fun pastime for many, most people believe that smoking is stress-relieving. Just like other smoking mediums, shisha acts as a stress-relieving agent. It soothes the mind and generates positive energy in the smoker’s body. Its effect lasts 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the person. The effect of shisha can be enhanced by creating a perfect ambience; therefore, people prefer dimming the lighting and playing soft music as it boosts the smoking experience.

Hopefully, after knowing the amazing benefits of smoking shisha, you must be enticed to buy shisha in Australia. If so, you first need to look for a reputed shisha dealer in Australia who also provides top-quality, customised hookah or shisha. Choosing the right dealer will ensure you get the best-in-class products and accessories and genuinely enjoy the pleasure of smoking shisha. So start your search for a shisha dealer now!

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